NAME - Put y-note applets into HTML files

SYNOPSIS [-h] [-c config-file] [-e extension] [-p] -d directory


The following options are supported (see defaults in y-notemize.config)


Display usage help (showing defaults in square brackets) and quit.

-c config-file

 Input configuration file to be used. This 
 file contains 
-d directory

 Directory to be y-nnotated
-e extension

 Default extension of the  files to be 
 modified by the program.

 Tell the program whether to recursively descend directory 
 hierarchy or not The default behaviour is to visit
 the directories recursively. If flag -p is given, then the
 search will be pruned at the top level. 


Will be written one day.

A word on the configuration file, though. You can customise the actual HTML code which includes the y-note applet, specify which files and/or directories should be left alone by the script etc by changing the file y-notemize.cfg. Two variables can be used in this file which will be instantiated at run time: __Y-NOTES_THIS_PAGE_TITLE__ and Y-NOTES_THIS_PAGE_URL__, these will normally go into the value slot of applet parameters noteHREF and noteQuery, which tell the applet the location of the page it annotates (relative URL) and the title of the page being annotated, respectively.


Please report them to the author (below).


                           Nino Luz  <>
                           NIS Laboratory