"Y-nnotating" your web site

This is a test page, or rather, a mini web site for tutorial purposes. The goal here is to demonstrate how one can convert a bunch of standard interlinked HTML pages into a bunch of interlinked HTML with annotation applets in them. The byproduct of this "Sample" directory will be, hopefully, some additional documentation on y-notes.

Useful maintenance program which comes with y-notes

There is a script, y-notemize.pl replregxp.pl. These can be found in the "Util" directory.

If you've just downloaded and uncompressed the y-notes package and are looking at these documentation pages for the first time, then the "pin icon" (which identifies the y-note applet) shouldn't appear on the top of each page. The whole purpose of running y-notemize.pl is to put the applet there.

First, have a look at the Parameters you can pass to the Pin applet.

Now, follow these step-by-step instructions on how to run y-notemize.pl.